Who we are!


We are a group of professional actors, teachers, theatre directors and creative artists. Everyone is committed to the idea of making live-theatre truly magical, so everyone can feel they are seeing and participating in a unique happening. 


We are a traveling theatre company that offer high-quality innovative theatre experiences in English and Spanish as a means of educating, challenging and inspiring adults and children of all ages. 


Our energy and our relationship with students and teachers are built on that premise. This is why we take special pride in getting to know our clients and audiences, so we can build unique relationships to offer you the personalised shows or workshops that will best suit your school or organisation.


 For more info on bookings 


Email: tales-touch@talesinc.com.ar 

When scheduling your no obligation consultation with us we invite you to get the ball rolling by letting us know what types of English shows you are looking for (this will especially help you "time shy" coordinators!)

Mobile: 1536.950.902 / Lic. Maria Ines Alonso. General Director / Email:   tales-touch@talesinc.com.ar   

Mobile : 1522616855 / Richard Watson. Sales Department. Arg. / Email: tales@talesinc.com.ar

Isabel Herrero . Administration- Office / Email:  info@talesinc.com.ar



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