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The Tales/ Inc. team wishes to thank the following artists and professionals that have collaborated towards the success of this project:  


  • Mercedes Sauret. Photographer (The magic cup, High School, Portfolio pictures)
  • Sofia Maneglia/Gisella Deferrari (Photography & make up for Barbie) Contact
  • Romina Rosafioriti ( Photography for The Little Prince) Contact
  • VLima. Estudio de arte de Valeria Lynch
  • Ingeniero Pablo de la Hera for Audiosoluciones. Sound supervisor
  • Felipe Nuñez filming services
  • Ing. Jorge A Bergandi. Technical supervisor.
  • Isabel Herrero. English Translator. English coach.
  • Claudia Alonso.
  • Hugo Halbrich. Theatre director
  • Laura Cartaya for "Que Pituco, Pituco"  "The Little Prince". Props and scenography
  • Pablo Trimarchi. Music arrangements for "The Coo Coo Cook"



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